K1 Lenovo ideapad Mobile AMD processor Google Android 3.1

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Lenovo K1 ideapad tablet
Lenovo K1 ideapad tablet
Focus is an appropriate statement to describe the product of Lenovo Ideapad K1 tablet. Tablet in general has features that support to the web browsing convenience and connectivity. However, among the various tablet products that there is a difference usually lies in quality of these features, for example about the sharpness of the color touchscreen or on the capacity of megapixel camera. However, Lenovo Ideapad K1 has some feature to accentuate the convenience during web browsing or make a cloud chat like video chat and conferencing. The main features in the form of Digital Rights Management that allows users to download or other online activities whenever and wherever legally. Other features are still in touch with internet access is SocialTouch ® that combines Facebook.com and Twitter.com on a single interface that is easier to run.

Specification released by Lenovo K1 ideapad tablet authorized retailer:
Operating system: Google Android 3.1; Processor: 1 Ghertz Mobile AMD Duron; Graphics: NVIDIA® Tegra 2; Memory: 1GB DDR2 memory; Storage size: 32GB SSD, Serial ATA, Speed 7200 rpm; Display screen: 10.1inch HD (1280x800) display; Connectivity: integrated bluetooth®, 802.1 b/g/n Wi-Fi; Webcam: Integrated front (2M) & back (5M) mounted webcam; Manufacturer: Flash; Web Support: Web page with flash, full DRM (Digital Rights Management) and instant data syncing; Port: Micro SD card reader, Mini HDMI connector & docking port; Media: SocialTouch® for enhance for Facebook and Twitter on a Single, Video chat; Software: Lenovo App Shop, Android market; Cloud: Integrated cloud storage (2GB free); Dimension Size: (LWH) 7.4 inches, 0.52 inches, 10.4 inches; Weight: 1.65 pounds; Shipping Weight: 5.4 pounds; Case: aluminum rear-casing.

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