USB flash drive Kingston digital datatraveler with urDrive software

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USB flash drive with additional features now as alternative to storing data more securely and easy everywhere and anywhere. At first USB flash drive (click here to learn more about USB flash drive) or data traveler simply a static tool that has no application to media storage. The development of the next time the USB flash drive is also widely known as flash disks have additional applications or built in software as a value added that can be used by the user. Kingston datatraveler now added a feature called urDrive software for easy customization of the display and organize data for easy access to data that has been stored.
USB Flash drive digital datatraveler
USB Flash drive digital datatraveler
Kingston USB Flash Drive DataTraveler 101 Generation 2 is a portable and mobile storage media with 32GB capacity. Storage media have an efficiency and effectiveness in terms of storing data when browsing the internet it is associated with bookmarks made by the user. Kingston urDrive application to provide comfort to the user while browsing the internet even when using public computers for using the applications installed inside trace internet browsing will not be left behind on a computer that has been used, it is certainly very good for maintaining the security of data even have to use a public PC . USB flash drive or Kingston DataTraveler is also equipped with mp3 player as well as picture viewer so as to see the photo documentation or play mp3 no longer rely on the software installed on a computer.

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