Dell XPS 15z Intel core i5 ultra thin Laptop computers

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Dell XPS 15z XPS15z-72ELS Laptop computers
Dell XPS 15z XPS15z-72ELS Laptop computers
Dell XPS 15z - 72 ELS including elite category of portable PCs when viewed from the standpoint of hardware innovations offered. Dell long as it's known as a manufacturer of laptop computers to the specifications of features that are reliable, durable and long lasting. However, Dell XPS laptop comes with an innovation that hit the cheap portable computer market share. Dell XPS laptop so special due to comes with bold designs and be different with previous designs and more specification ever launched. Dell XPS present as the thinnest portable PC ever for 15-inch size. with the size dimensions 15.15 x 10.25 x 0.97 inches and weighs only 5-1/2 pounds, makes this PC very easy to accompany for the benefit of mobile, very practical easy to carry anywhere and ready to do the task anywhere.

Technology as a whole does not yet rival the Apple laptops will be but a variety of features available on the Dell XPS is quite advanced for the category of  premium price laptop like MacBook Pro or even MacBook Air. DELL XPS laptops are fully supported by a 2.30 GHz Intel Core i5-2410m "Sandy Bridge" dual-core processor. Very large memory capacity for just doing web browsing or online chat, which is equal to 6 GB of installed RAM (DDR3), the storage capacity of 500 GB SATA hard drive (7200 RPM), the convenience of multimedia as DVD players is supported by the 8x multi-format DVD drive, visual graphic experience will be satisfied with a 15.6-inch screen high-definition LED-backlit display, NVIDIA GeForce 525M GT is enough to serve as the laptop gaming and graphics tasks, , As his running mate is a built-in stereo speaker. and other good news is this laptop included operating system of Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 -bits.
Dell XPS 15z XPS15z-72ELS Laptop computers
Dell XPS 15z XPS15z-72ELS Laptop computers
Ooops, you must still declare the hardware features mentioned inadequate if there is no guarantee of connectivity features. Dell XPS supported by Wireless-N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) for ultra-fast connectivity to home and business networks (plus backwards compatibility with older wireless routers). As well as data transfer feature using the Next-generation Bluetooth 3.0 ensures faster data transfer with minimal energy availability. This feature is compatible with existing Bluetooth devices on other devices such as cellular phones and others.

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  • Processor 2.4 GHz Intel
  • Memory 4 GB DIMM
  • Storage size 640GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
  • Displey screen 13.3-Inch
  • Nvidia GT 520 1GB
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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